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Hieros Gamos: Inner Wedding Ceremony

Celebrating Life as an Individual in Union & Equilibrium

Hieros Gamos: Inner Wedding Ceremony
Hieros Gamos: Inner Wedding Ceremony

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Individiual Date

Individual Locations, Crete, Greece

About the event

Each human being in this life and throughout its experiences has a unique purpose, as well as a common purpose shared by all: to balance their feminine and masculine aspects. It's important for us to recognize that achieving this balance within ourselves prepares us to celebrate life in its entirety. Should we desire the joy of companionship, we can attract another individual who is similarly whole, with whom we can co-create a harmonious, loving, and exciting life.

At Nonsensevent, we acknowledge the significance of inner balance in our modern times. We uphold this through our core philosophical concept of Hieros Gamos, offering various events and a distinctive ceremony for those who sense this equilibrium and wish to celebrate themselves as individuals by availing of our service.

We curate a highly personalized wedding ceremony for individuals who sense this internal union and wish to symbolically wed themselves, as a ceremonial homage to this inner unity. This ceremony can serve as an initial, unique step for individuals seeking to embrace life as a whole, and for those who envision finding another soul with whom to share their journey in the future.

In our Hieros Gamos - Inner Wedding Ceremony for individuals, we offer a fully customizable event tailored to your desires. Guests are welcome to join, set amidst the picturesque landscape of Crete or any location of your choosing

We commence by honoring your masculine and feminine aspects individually, and then unify these aspects into one. The celebration features ancient Greek and Cretan elements, bespoke props and subtle decorations and optional inclusions such as a reception for you and maybe your guests, elaborate decorations & floristry, music, dinner, wedding cake, photography, and videography — all tailored to your preferences and budget.

Embark on a sacred journey of self-love and union as you celebrate your Sologamy with us. Our bespoke ceremony is meticulously crafted to honor your individual path and illuminate the sacred bond you hold with yourself. 

Immerse yourself in personalized guidance and consultations, where every detail is thoughtfully curated to reflect your unique essence and aspirations. From enchanting Mentoring Sessions with Marieke and/or Sotiris to transformative retreats and soul-nourishing experiences, we offer a tapestry of bespoke offerings tailored to awaken your spirit and elevate your solo journey. 

Embrace the extraordinary with us as we venture beyond convention, weaving together moments of self-discovery, adventure, and profound connection, culminating in the sacred union of heart, soul, and self

We begin with an introductory call, followed by detailed planning sessions to arrange every aspect of your Inner Wedding.

Prices start from 2220 euros, inclusive of the introductory call service. For a detailed breakdown of prices, please consult our list following the introductory call.

The Languages can be English, German & Greek

Your Ceremionals are Marieke & Sotiris

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Experience the transformative journey of self-love and union with our Inner Wedding ceremony. Start your journey towards inner harmony today by scheduling your introductory call. 

Contact us now to begin your extraordinary Inner Wedding experience.

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