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Ancient Greek initiations & ceremonies in Crete

In June, we were delighted to organize and launch special tours and initiations at sacred locations in Crete.

We curated a unique initiative tour through the powerful ancient sites of Apokoronas for shamans from the USA.

This tour fostered profound connections with the ancestors of Crete, encompassing the Minoan and Hellenic periods, in accordance with Greek cosmotheory. Together, we co-created ceremonies that intertwined the ancient Hellenic heritage of Crete and Greece with the Inca civilization of Peru.

Additionally, we held an initiative event for an Ancestral Aegean Pilgrimage, created and run by a Hekate practitioner. This event linked retreat participants with the ancestors of Crete, its gods and goddesses, and the Divine Melissa.

We are deeply grateful to have crafted these special events, which connected our guests with the spirit of Ancient Hellenic heritage through myths and ceremonies, as well as the soul of Crete.

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