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BRIDGES: Celebrating the light and togetherness in Crete - 16th June

Updated: Jun 10

When: Sunday 16th June 2024, 12.00 - 22.00

Where: Neo Chorio, Apokoronas, Chania

Who: Everyone from the Cretan community who wants to celebrate togetherness. Individuals, couples, families, children, pets welcome!

Cost: Free participation by offering (see below)

We are excited to announce our second Connection Cretan gathering in June, named from now on “BRIDGES”. This special co-created gathering all day party is dedicated to the celebration of the Light a few days before the summer solstice and especially the day of the Sun, on the 16th June.

As lifelong human connectors and catalysts, we are eager to share the joy and purpose we feel in serving humanity through love, joy, and wisdom. As creators and organizers we can design and set up events that make sense and are enjoyable for everyone.

Bridges” in Crete aims to unite creative individuals, artists, innovators, visionaries, creators, teachers, thinkers, healers, crafters, performers, nature lovers and all who love Crete and are here for a purpose.

Join us for a unique day of exchange and sharing on our land in Apokoronas. This event is about coming together, offering what we love, and creating unforgettable memories.

  1. Contribute to “Bridges” community celebration by:

  • Sharing an art act (music, dance, singing, acrobatics, painting, DJ set etc).

  • Offering a workshop or seminar that awakens the soul or honors the Earth.

  • Organizing a group game or small side games.

  1. Bring Food: Share a culinary creation cooked with love.

  2. Bring Drinks: If not contributing with food or other offerings, bring drinks and beverages.

  3. Easy Energy Exchange: If unable to bring any of the above, a monetary contribution or alternative currency such as Katsounes, the local currency is appreciated.

Additional Participation Details:

5. Bring Your Own Plates and Cutlery: Help us reduce waste.

  1. Help with Setup: If you like, your assistance with the setting up is valuable.

  2. Assist with Cleanup: Support us in cleaning the kitchen and event space.

For overnight stay after the party day

  • Stay Overnight: You're welcome to camp overnight. We have a couple of hammocks and 2 tents available which you could set up, or you can bring your own.

  • If you wish to stay for breakfast the next day, contribute with your time and some food (preparation, ingredients, cleaning).

  • Facilities: A small bathroom is available for our guests.

Our intention is to connect hearts from all over Crete, have fun, forge new friendships, and empower each participant's uniqueness. We encourage everyone to share their special gifts and embrace the spirit of togetherness.

Children (families) and pets are welcome!

For more information or to book your space and let us know what you will bring to ensure a well-organized and joyful gathering for all by sending me a personal message or via whatsapp-viber at:

+306906126110 / +306944195126

Sotiris & Marieke

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