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Bridges festivity: Celebrating the Light & Togetherness in Crete

We were glad to organise after various previous small events the first Bridges festivity in Crete. Celebrating togetheness and the light as we are heading towards the summer solictice but also symbolically as we live in a world with so many contradictions lately and is important where you put your focus and clear intention to.

Bridges is a festivity that brought together many beautiful soul who shared their talents, creations, skills and food to celebrate all together an unforgettable Sunday.

We would like to thank everyone who supported this event and participated in various ways offering his - her time, love and good will in togetherness.

We promise to do more and more amazing events based on this idea and more Bridges to come soon all around Crete and in the world for a new Gaia and humanity that acts through love, joy, prosperity and most of all awareness.

For the future generations and our planet!

Below is an interview that we gave to the good friend and fellow life traveller Adel. It is in German and English and you can use also the captions to see it in your language.

Enjoy and Shine!

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