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Conscious Naming for Future Generations

2024 by Nonsensevent

It is imperative in today's world to mindfully select names for both children and adults alike. Adults, particularly, should take deliberate steps in choosing a name that resonates with their qualities, inspirations, and aspirations. 

A name holds a vibration and often carries significant meaning. In contemporary society, adults typically inherit their names from their parents or godparents. However, historically, during the early years of Christianity, particularly under the rule of Justinian in the 6th century AD, Greek nationals were compelled to adhere to Christian traditions, with the godparent acting as a state-appointed supervisor to ensure compliance. 

Yet, times have evolved. Today, naming practices vary across cultures, with some children receiving ancestral names and others being named based on parental preferences.

In modern times, it is crucial for parents or guardians to consciously select a child's name, as it will accompany them throughout their lives. Through thoughtful consultation, consideration of name meanings, and exploration of symbolism, we encourage parents to choose a name that harmonizes with the child's essence and holds significant worth. 

Understanding the significance of one's name and bestowing it with love can profoundly enrich a child's life, providing a source of celebration on their name day and honoring their unique qualities.

Furthermore, we offer services to assist individuals in selecting a name for themselves as adults. Through personalized consultations and special ceremonies, we collaborate with individuals to choose a name that encapsulates their qualities, aspirations, and personal heroes.


This deliberate naming process fosters a deeper understanding of one's identity and empowers individuals to embody their chosen name with purpose and intentionality.

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