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Decoding Hellenic Language

Updated: Mar 29

The Greek language isn't a random language; each letter has a specific meaning. It's constructed upon mathematical principles, a fact often overlooked. Every Greek word harbors a mathematical essence.

In Greek, letters aren't mere symbols; they're the building blocks of mathematical expressions. Whether written upright, inverted, or emphasized, they form part of a set of 1,620 symbols originally used in Harmony (Modern Greek music).

The crux lies in each letter bearing a numerical value; they are essentially numbers, rendering each word a numerical entity. This imbues words with a wealth of encoded knowledge derived from their mathematical essence. Pythagoras stands as one of the earliest proponents of this idea.

Numbers, shapes, musical harmony, and celestial bodies share common threads. Hence, mathematics, geometry, music, and astronomy—according to Pythagoras—are interconnected disciplines. They form a sequential pathway, akin to the evolution of the mind-soul towards the Creator, mirroring the helical structure of DNA.

ENA - ONE - UN The Greek root is visible. EN in connection with ON which is the Being. The One and complete Being out of Duality. UNI-VERSE: The Version of ONE of EN - ΕΝΟΣ

ΑΓΑΠΗ - AGAPE - LOVE, DIVINE LOVE, HUMAN LOVE From the infinitive ΑΓΑΠΑΝ which is the root for the verb ΑΓΑΠΩ, Agapo, I Love. ΑΓΑΠΑΝ means AΓΑ-ΠΑΝ, ΑΓΩ ΕΙΣ ΤΟ ΠΑΝ, Αgo Is to Pan, ΠΑΝ, the God Pan, the Nature, Everything. ΑΓΑΠΑΝ - Ago Is to Pan - I go to Everything - With Love, I move towards Everything and the ONE the EN.


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