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Festival of Joy - "Embracing Joy"

Updated: Mar 29

The Festival of Joy is a series of activities and events centered around joy in our lives and our connection to it.

We designed, organised, promoted and executed the first 3 day festival, themed "Embracing Joy" that brought a fresh view to people's everyday lives spreading happiness and delight.

It took place on a 3 days activities, the festival aimed to impart knowledge and optimism to its visitors, focusing on the joy in our lives. This came at a time when our society and people seek and envision cooperation for a better world, with more optimism and joy.

The themes of the festival revolved around therapy, art and education, and part of the proceeds was used to purchase food for vulnerable groups in our society who are undernourished. This festival had an impressive lineup of 24 educators, each leading experiential workshops in music, aromatotherapy, drama, psychology, dance, and more .

We were glad to bring together and organise a group of 25 fine educators from all the above topics and design an innovative concept that people loved during the 2 days festival which ended with a gong concert from exceptional facilitaros-performers.


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