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Power in UnityYoga Festival - Concept design, organisation, execution

Updated: Mar 29

Yoga festival in the park organising, design
Yoga Festival Organisation in Greece

In the past, we collaborated with the Yoga Association of Greece to conceive, organize, and execute a distinctive Yoga Festival in Greece. The Festival was based on the concept "Power in Unity" (Η Ισχύς εν τη Ενώσει), marking the first-ever gathering of over 40 yoga schools from across Greece, each representing various yoga disciplines.

This two-day extravaganza took place in Athens, attracting over 2500 attendees to a vibrant park setting. The event featured a related fair and an array of activities, including children's yoga sessions, meditations, enlightening talks, and engaging yoga workshops held simultaneously at multiple locations within the park.

At the end of the festival a big musical - chanting event took place with the participation of the embassy of India.

Design concept, organising and executing Yoga festival in the park
General plan of Yoga festival in Greece

The Festival served as the pinnacle event, preceded by a smaller-scale festival that drew 1200 visitors to another park. Additionally, a symposium was held for the yoga community, fostering discussions and exchanges among practitioners.

We were glad to design the concept, form and organise a managerial team from leaders in different yoga practices, organise the venue setting and executing during the days of the events as well as designing posters and promoting the event through social media and encouraging and supporting similar events at the same period in various locations in Greece.

Concept design, organising Yoga festival in the park
Yoga Festival Power in Unity Athens Final music event

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