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The Nonsense of Our Human Existence

Updated: Apr 6

The sense of the Life of a human being is the Joy of the Nonsense of our Existence in this world of duality.
The Nonsense of our Human Existence

Welcome to the world of dualities, where opposites like light and dark, heavy and light, hard and soft interact in a dance of atomic arrangements and spatial structures governed by the laws of gravity and attraction.

Our existence on this planet is a sensation, an epic event whose scenes we capture with our consciousness through the lens of our five senses. To give these events meaning and to recognize patterns - to learn - we weave them together with our self-created feelings and thoughts.

In this way, we shape our own perception of this three-dimensional landscape of dualities and view "our world" through the unique filter of our individual consciousness. The learned connections and switched patterns are then taken over by the subconscious mind to be automatically retrieved with each subsequent perception.

Through this process, we develop the ability to discover and learn new things. But the backdrop of life is filled with so many stimuli and signals that our senses are often overwhelmed, and we must tune out some things just to function.

Many of these stimuli and signals are not consciously perceived but are stored in the background and automatically controlled by our subconscious mind. Together with our conscious connections, they form our own jungle and swamp of reality perception.

Our conclusions and opinions are often semi-conscious and grey-hazy because we cannot consciously access the source of information. In such moments, we often react from the unconscious and feel like victims of circumstances.

But there is a way out of this apparent powerlessness: by recognizing, unravelling, and consciously reshaping the subconscious connections. By linking stimuli with conscious thoughts and insights, we gain control over our perception and processing of information.

In self-authority, we can view our perception from our own convictions and actively influence it. We learn to trust our intuition and make conscious decisions that serve our well-being.

Thus, we consciously create our reality and attract others who want to enjoy the game of life as much as we do. Because ultimately, the game of human life is about the enjoyment of perception and creation itself.

When we realize that the highest purpose of our lives is enjoyment itself and that there is nothing to fear, then we recognize the ease of our being - and the Nonsense of our existence.

"Every person has only one real duty, and that is to live and shape their own life." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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