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Wedding of Mary & Hans - Natural Beauty & a Cozy Reception

Mary & Hans came to Crete to celebrate and crown their beautiful togetherness with a very special wedding ceremony, surrounded by their best friends and loved ones.

During the planning phase, they explained their priority to us: everything should be relaxed, fluid, easy, and simply enjoyable.

They wanted to keep it small and tasteful, with no unnecessary fuss or frills.

They emphasized that every decoration and piece of floristry should make sense, honoring every flower, branch, and leaf that Mother Earth offered.

To respect this, we ensured that all floral details were carefully transferred and reused at the different locations throughout the day.

For the ceremony, we chose a beautiful, shady spot on a beach in Rethymno that is organized yet remains natural. This allowed us to create a private and natural setup with wooden cross-back chairs and a triangular wedding arch adorned with eucalyptus, olive branches, and fresh blue sparkling details.

Upon arrival at the beautiful spot, filled with love and harmony, the guests and the couple enjoyed a refreshing drink. Mary’s bridal bouquet was a sweet vintage dream of dried flowers, olive branches, and fresh blue highlights, perfectly matching the dreamy surroundings.

As everyone took their seats, the representative from the Town Hall, together with Marieke, held the wedding ceremony in both Greek and German.

After the heartfelt "Yes, I do," everyone was filled with joy, taking pictures and capturing the best light before the sun set. Mary & Hans decided that this pinnacle moment of joy should be theirs alone. They took a moment for themselves, engaging in an acrylic painting ritual where they created a unique picture with their unique colors.

Following this intimate moment, we transferred them back to the villa. There, they enjoyed a cozy evening and a wonderful dinner with a stunning setup, complete with a fairy light tunnel, self-service bar, and candy bar.

Instead of decorations on the napkins, which Mary humorously noted would be "just thrown away after the first look," they opted for light balls floating in the pool, creating a beautiful and lasting visual throughout the night.

The atmosphere was perfect for the relaxed and heartfelt celebration Mary & Hans had envisioned.

We are grateful for the co-creation of this beautiful wedding day and want to thank all our partners for their contributions in bridal styling, equipment, sound system, lighting, music, floristry, photography, and more.

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