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by Creativity, Driven by Purpose 

The union of Marieke and Sotiris is a genuine love story, a soulful connection that brought them together as soulmates. They have dedicated themselves to sharing their divine and unique love with the world, and work together through design, create and support events that empower togetherness through the path of self discovery supporting their uniqueness as individuals and the co-creation in balance and joy.

With Nonsensevent they create and support meaningful and thoughtful event-concepts in order to celebrate with all co-creators the dance of life in this world of duality – the cheerful joy of the Nonsense.

Sotiris & Marieke

Wisdom & Love for Universal Truth

"When we know that everything is in order,
we enjoy the cheerful Nonsense of our existence"

Love and Joy are our true purpose in life

Marieke Rodehorst is the empathic and visionary entrepreneur behind Nonsensevent, who transitioned from her German roots to the captivating island of Crete.


She loves creating unforgettable experiences and supporting other creators in their uniqueness.
After obtaining certification as an event and incentive manager, she founded the wedding planning agency “Sensevent” in 2012, blending her skills with her entrepreneurial spirit. In 2018, Marieke found herself drawn to the enchanting shores of Crete, where she discovered the magic of conscious and joyful living, shaping her belief in celebrating life's beauty Nonsense through meaningful choices.

Here she found love and partnership with her Greek counterpart, Sotiris. Together they transformed "Sensevent" with all its seriousness in "Nonsevensevent".

Marieke Rodehorst


Marieke Rodehorst Nonsensevent Crete Event Planner.jpg
NoSotiris Zafeiris for Wisdom and Truth to shine. We organise sustainable events in Crete

Be in the flow, be a real traveller

Sotiris Zafeiris is a New Earth mentor and mystic specializing in guiding visionaries, creators, and healers on a transformative journey. With a background steeped in awakening experiences and the wisdom of mystics and spiritual teachers, he has set up in the past various of businesses based on creative content, networking, designing and organising of events and workshops and a focus on the value of the Hellenic spirit with various awards in London-UK & Athens-Greece.

His mission is to support people tap into their inner power, unravel the mysteries of their mind and decode their beliefs and subconscious patterns through archetype meanings of local culture and nature.

He believes that everything in this world is a simulation, a repetitiveness of fractals and a hologram, an illusionary game of time and space. Being nobody is a good start to understand the nonsense of the repetitive Cosmos that explores itself from Chaos to order that indeed makes sense.

We make sense of our lives by realising the absolute Truth of the matrix duality world that is governed by the Laws of Nature and acting through Care.

Sotiris Zafeiris


Our Philosophy

We feel that on this planet, all imbalances arise from people not knowing who they really are, lacking purpose, and failing to understand the laws of nature. In nature, everything acts with deep intelligence, engaging in a continuous and playful game known as life. This play allows life to unfold within the natural flow, experiencing itself through joy.

  • Joy and stability are two basic elements according to our philosophy, necessary to experience life to its fullest potential.

  • All work in life wisely in a seemingly nonsensical game of experience and transformation. This is precisely what gives our life meaning; it is what makes sense.

Humanity often takes life too seriously, confined within boxes that create imbalance in our world—stress, wars, pollution, injustice. We believe it is time, through our actions, to reconnect with the fundamental, fractal and holographic Nonsense of nature, with this joyful game of being, paving the way for a conscious and joyful life towards our evolution.

Therefore, we support and create conscious actions of Nonsense or playful life—that bring people together in connection for luxurious moments of experience and transformation. Through embracing the Nonsense, meanings emerge, and thus, it all makes sense.
Nonsensevent ensures event concepts that flow seamlessly, allowing everyone to fully immerse themselves in joy.

We welcome you to join us on this amazing road called life, guiding us all toward an inner awakening to become beings who consciously enjoy life and together create a better world for us and future generations.

Nonsensevent philosophy Crete sea holidays spiritual journey final.jpg
Our phisophy

Our Dreams & Inspirations for the future

Our vision is to catalyze a global shift towards mindful awareness, where individuals recognize their uniqueness, the immense power of their minds, creativity and skills and unite for a thriving society.

"We envision a world where people revel in life's joys, collaborate harmoniously and honor our planet."

Through immersive co-creational activities and events, we have a mission to awaken individuals to their inner wisdom, foster a deep connection with Mother Earth, and cultivate a community of conscious individuals dedicated to shaping a brighter future together.

Join us in embracing this journey towards a more vibrant, interconnected world!

Nonsensevent Love Union for Wisdom and Truth to shine. We organise sustainable events in Crete
Vision & Mission

Our partners

We concider our partners part of Nonsensevent family. With more than 122 partners all around Crete from service providors, local community people, artists, villa owners and specialists we can provide to any event planner the best for the best results.

Are you in Crete and you want to join our Nonsensevent family as a partner? 

Join our VALUES and PHILOSOPHY and if you align with us get in touch so you can listed in our partner list for future events that we may design or support.

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